Café Próżna – a pre-war atmosphere in a historic street

Not every building in Warsaw has been razed to the ground during WWII. The narrow Próżna street is the only street of the Jewish ghetto whose both sides survived the war. In one of the historic buildings, currently being renovated, you will find a tiny and cozy café named, surprisingly, Café Próżna. The café absorbs the pre-war atmosphere of the street by piles of historic books and pre-war photographs decorating the walls. A creative detail are the glass lamps above the bar. They are hand blown in the neighbouring glass gallery.

From the big menu behind the bar you can choose whatever you feel like at any time of day, as they serve many different types of drinks and dishes. The coffees and teas go well with breakfast, pancakes and pies. For lunch and light dinner they serve salads, soups, warm sandwiches and typical Polish pierogi. You can enjoy cocktails and craft beers as well.

The quiet, cozy atmosphere and the varied menu make Cafe Próżna the perfect place for a Sunday chill.


Café Próżna
Ul. Próżna 12, Warszawa
Open: Mon-Thu 10.00-23.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-24.00, Sun 10.00-23.00


Café Próżna
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