Attractive U Chłopaków

U Chłopaków - outside inAfter a few weeks we are back with a new restaurant, U Chłopaków. Not only the convenient 5 minute walk from our home is attractive about this place. U Chłopaków is located on the nice square Jerzego Popiełuszki, that was renovated a few years ago, next to a few other nice restaurants and a bakery. The terraces on this square have an interesting view on a beautiful (prewar) catholic church which contrasts nicely with the communistic apartment blocks in the back. During wedding season you can spot newly weds from this place every Saturday. The atmosphere inside, created by the brick wall and the industrial elements make this a relaxed place to spend time with friends for lunch or dinner.

Seasonal and local dishes

U Chłopaków - tea potU Chłopaków means ‘At the guys’ and the menu is based on Polish cuisine. Seasonal dishes are offered with fresh and local ingredients. When I order a tea at U Chłopaków, I get this happy feeling (like many women) when the waitress puts a small pot with Yan Mayen tea on the table. The tea is packed in a craft paper envelop wrapped with a string. The appearance and the great taste just enhances your joy of a cup of tea.

Besides good food and drinks U Chłopaków is a great place for sunlovers, in winter as well as in summer. When the sun comes out on a perfect winter day, cold with a clear sky, we go for a coffee or lunch at U Chłopaków. Here you have the best angle towards the sun at a table by the window. When it gets warmer, U Chłopaków offers the perfect spot on its sunlit terrace, however the welcoming shade under the sun screen is what you probably look for in summer.

Warsaw Ghetto

U Chłopaków is located next to one of the most recognizable images of the Warsaw ghetto, the footbridge that connected the small and large ghetto. On the corner of Żelazna and Chłodna is the footbridge of Memory memorial. Binoculars show images of the ghetto, that allow you to imagine what the area looked like as the church works as a landmark. On the pavement the ghetto’s borders are outlined. I recommend to visit this memorial of the ghetto before going to the restaurant.

U Chłopaków
Ul. Chłodna 2/18, Warszawa
Open:  Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00

U Chłopaków
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