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Cuda na kiju - bar 2Craft beers are immensely popular in Warsaw, but there are not many places where a great choice on tap is combined with such a great atmosphere as Cuda na Kiju. The bar, with its walls of glass and industrial, loft-like, spacious interior, has a very relaxed atmosphere even though it can be crowded sometimes. Everyday of the week there are people enjoying drinks, so you will never find the bar quiet. Now the weather is better the terrace is up and running again, with sun untill the evening as it sets behind the palm tree at Nowy Swiat and the Warsaw skyline.

Multitap bar

15 different craft beers come straight from the barrels in the basement out of the tap. Cuda na kiju - bar 3They serve any kind of craft beer you might feel like; the ‘Pacific’, a fruity and fresh but bitter pale ale from a Polish brewery, or maybe you like the dark ‘Noc Kupały’, a Polish Stout. The ‘Foxy Brown’, a brown IPA, the ‘Garden of Eden’, an IPA with fruit, or ‘Sleeping Car Porter’, a milk porter, are listed to choose as well. Even the Belgium ‘Kriek’ comes from the tap in this bar. The selection frequently changes, so you can be inspired with new tastes. No wonder ‘Cuda na Kiju’ translates as ‘miracles on a stick’.

Late night pizza

All those delicious craft beers make you hungry and they know just what you need at Cuda na Kiju. The perfect late night snack: they serve delicious pizzas all night long. A great snack to share, although it can be hard to choose if you feel like a chorizo, a parma or a goat cheese pizza.

Cuda na Kiju is our favourite bar to spend the night with friends and to enjoy the best Polish (& sometimes international) craft beers!

Cuda na Kiju
Nowy Swiat 6/12, Warszawa
Open: Mon-Thu 10.0-01.00, Fri 10.00-02.00, Sat 11.00-02.00, Sun 11.00-0.00

Cuda na Kiju – best craft beer bar in Warsaw
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