The real Poland

Hala Mirowska - summer 2At the market in Hala Mirowska you can see, smell and participate in the real Poland. A must visit to meet typical Poles and their food.

Hala Mirowska history

The Mirowska Hall consists of two seperate halls that were built between 1899 and 1901 and is now one of the oldest buildings in the city. In the beginning of the 20th century Hala Mirowska was the biggest market of Warsaw. The first years of WWII the buildings survived, however the Germans conducted civil executions against the northern walls of the halls remembered by memorial plaques. During the Warsaw uprising Hala Mirowska was damaged heavily. On the night of 30th to 31st of August the halls burned down in a German attack, only the walls were left of the Hala Mirowska. After the war the halls were used as a bus depot and later as a sports hall for boxing games. Between 1950 and 1960 Hala Mirowska was rebuild and restored as a market place again.

Typical food market

Hala Mirowska - summer 5On the market you will find typical food of the Polish cuisine and oriental influences ingredients. You can find all fruits and vegetables of the season, even the less comon ones like white eggplant. In September whole sunflowers are sold for their seeds and in autumn all sorts of mushrooms are displayed in the stalls as well as in trunks of cars just outside Hala Mirowska. Hala Mirowska - spring 20The big tons filled with ‘kapusta’ (soured marinated coal) and ‘ogórki’ (pickle) are very popular. Also the typical Polish marinated herring and smoked fish can be found here. I can however not get used to the meat stalls, where the meat is displayed unrefrigerated. I still have not dared to buy pork chops or chicken filets here. But for these items I go to the supermarket inside the Hall building. The market offers also many oriental herbs, nuts, olives and dried fruits. Hala Mirowska - spring 26I even found an Asian store at the back of one hall, Asia Tasty, with all kinds of Asian ingredients you cannot find in the supermarket. There is also a restaurant part where you can eat or order to go. Especially at lunch time the place is busy because their Asian dishes are tasty. Many chefs of quality restaurants in Warsaw do their shopping at the Hala Mirowska market as the quality of the vegetables and fruits are very good.

Easter & Spring

Hala Mirowska - spring 14At the market you can get ready for Easter. Not only by doing your grocery shopping for the Easter (Wielkanoc) dinner, but also for all Easter decorations you can think of. At the moment you will get this instant spring-happy-feeling when walking around at the market. All flower stalls display tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and violets in many different colors.

I just love to go to this market at Hala Mirowska for my daily grocery shopping, I am so lucky to have it around the corner!


Hala Mirowska
Plac Mirowski 1, 00-138 Warszawa
Open: Mon-Fri 07.00-18.00, Sat 07.00-15.00

Hala Mirowska – local market
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