Any day of the week, but especially on Friday and Saturday nights, Kita Koguta is your go-to place if you want to drink some of the most tasty, highest quality cocktails in Warsaw. These guys are good!

Kita Koguta - logoKita Koguta

Kita Koguta translates as a ‘cock’s comb’, which is probably what inspired the graffiti artist who did the interior piece of three giant cocks – staring aggressively into the room – on the wall next to the bar.

The place opened early 2014 and has since then been packed every weekend. Not only the great cocktails make Kita Koguta worth a visit. It is also the fun and funky atmosphere, created by the bartenders and the customers, which is supported by a range of DJs who perform during the weekend. Varying in style from house, to hiphop and funky disco, there is always a small crowd dancing in front of the DJ booth.

Good old sabraging

Also adding to the experience is the sabraging of a bottle of prosecco, which happens at least one or two times a night, when a cocktail may require this as an ingredient, or the bartenders just think it is time to do something exciting. Typically female guests (surprisingly) are invited to come behind the bar and open the bottle in a single and swift move of the saber. The ritual is followed by writing down a message  or wish on a tag which is attached to the cork and then hanged from the ceiling – for good luck I suppose! Judging by the number of corks above your head – a lot of successful attempts have been made so far. (and yes – one of ours is hanging there as well)

Great cocktails

The cocktails at Kita Koguta cost about 25 pln (6 eur), are very tasty and original, and prepared by people who know what they are doing. The crew is coming up with crazy recipes and delicate flavours, using only the highest quality ingredients. Although you can order from the (changing) menu, which is chalked in white onto the walls, our recommendation however is to tell the bartender what kind of flavor and liquor you are looking for and he will surprise you with the best creations on the spot.

Kita Koguta - mandarynaOne of our favourites is the ‘Mandaryna’, a combination of Finlandia mandarine vodka, lemon juice and Absinthe bitter. Next to the taste – the best part is the Caribbean delicacy, which is added on top of your cocktail in a small bowl of dried fruit skin and lit on fire – a good attribute to any cocktail if you ask me.

Another winner is the ‘Karpa Bella’, a mix of El Jimador Reposado tequila, fresh arugula, lime juice, truffle balsamico, and the top part of your glass covered in buckwheat honey and parmesan. Original and very tasty.

Great part of the service is the complimentary popcorn and glasses of water which are quickly served upon arrival and refilled regularly. You can also order delicious flatbreads (flammkuchen) if you are in for a snack.

Kita Koguta is actually split in two levels. Ground level is where the magic happens, where the DJ is playing his music and most of the activity takes place. On the first floor there is a larger space with a smaller bar serving the same high quality drinks as well. This area has a number of tables and chairs – where you will find groups of friends hanging out.

Kita Koguta truly is the best place to start your night out in Warsaw. Highly recommended.

Kita Koguta
Ul. Krucza 6/14, Warszawa
Open: Tue-Thu 16.00-24.00, Fri 16.00-2.00, Sat 18.00-2.00, Sun 16.00-24.00



Kita Koguta – the best cocktails in Warsaw
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