It is winter in Warsaw, not yet that beautiful-white-snow-clear-sunny-sky kind of winter, but more that type of rainy-windy-boring-grey weather. The perfect setting to get into a taxi on a Saturday night and visit another one of Warsaw’s finest techno clubs, Nowa Jerozolima, located in down town center, next to the infamous Palace of Culture, in a deserted and worn out historic mansion.

Nowa Jerozolima - logoNowa Jerozolima

Nowa Jerozolima means ‘New Jerusalem’ and is actually the rebirth of the club and cultural center called ‘Centrum Kulturalne Jerozolima’, which was once (so I am told) a very popular club in Warsaw. Unfortunately they had to close their doors in summer ‘12, but now they are back again in an attempt to recreate that typical Berlin vibe.

Nowa Jerozolima is a cultural center and night club and officially founded at the end of ’13.  It consists of two DJ areas (one large, one smaller) on the first floor and has a number of (dark) chillout spaces along the hallways and on the top floor, where you will find people hanging out when not  going crazy on the dance floor. The atmosphere at Nowa Jerozolima is very relaxed, the staff very friendly, the people very party minded and the music great! (if you like techno/deep house)

Nowa Jerozolima - main area1Nowa Jerozolima has a great set of resident DJs from Warsaw and has been the scene of quite a few international appearances in the past year, including DJs such as GusGus, Kollektiv Tumstrasse, David August, Michael Mayer, Karmon, Legowelt and Ben Sims.

Nowa Jerozolima does not have a website, but my advice is to follow their facebook for the latest events and online ticket sales. Tickets cost on average 10-20 pln (2-5 eur) which is, like many great places in Warsaw, a great deal!

Nowa Jerozolima
Al. Jerozolimskie 57, Warszawa
Open: typically 22.00-early morning


Nowa Jerozolima
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