Pomost 511 3Finally! Summer has arrived again and transformed Warsaw into a lively city full of terraces, green parks, outdoor activities and happy people. One of the best places to serve your club music appetite during this season is by far the Wisła river.  Read all about our summer hotspots! Each year, when the sun and hot temperatures return to Poland’s capital, the owners of the seasonal clubs along the river do their utmost to rebuild their beloved places, and each year they succeed in improving their holy temples of music, fun and sun. Being among our absolute favorite hotspots during the summer – we would like to introduce some of our preferred locations to you. For your information – summer season starts around May and lasts till Sept/Oct. If you are around in this period – be sure to check out one of below’s clubs. All places are open during the day – and only close early in the morning.

vivawawa - open air clubsThe best way to get to the river is by bicycle (veturilo), public transport/metro (jakdojade) or taxi (uber is also available in wawa). You can stroll along the boulevard, which was completely renovated during last year and now has nice walkways, grass areas and is the location of many little (food) festivals during the weekend, and checkout which place you like best. Total distance is about 1 km and you find it full with young people drinking their beers & wodka on the steps of the riverbank. Have a look at our map to see where each club is located. Another recommendation is to check the facebook pages of each place in advance to see which events are scheduled.


Cud na Wisla 4Cud nad Wisłą

Cud nad Wisla (miracle of the Wisla), its name referring to the defeat of the Russians by the Polish military after WWII, is a great place to start your afternoon. This place is actually at the end of the boulevard, has three bars, a separate DJ stage and is always crowded with people. It is also known to host a number of food markets during the weekends.


Cud na Wisla 2
Cud na Wisla 1


Pomost 511 2Pomost 511

Neighbouring Cud nad Wisla, Pomost 511 is the place we most often go. They have a nice little beach area (when the river is at its low point), a big terrace between the bar (made from sea containers) and DJ stage, a second terrace on top of the bar, and a new addition this year – a food corner which serves outstanding burgers & fries. The music style varies greatly from night to night, sometimes awesome techno, sometimes not-so-awesome hiphop, be sure to checkout their facebook pages for events.



Pomost 511 1
Pomost 511 3


Hocki Klocki 1Hocki Klocki

Hocki Klocki (pronounced as hotsjkieklotsjkie) is a place you want to check out! Usually there is some good techno music being played and you have a cool view on the Poniastowkiego bridge and national stadium. This year they have increased the size of their spot and added a small (artificial) beach. Look for a giant gummy bear stuck to the with Lego blocks decorated bar – then you know you are at the right place!


Hocki Klocki 5
Hocki Klocki 2


Barka 1Barka

This is the first spot you will hit when you come via the metro. Barka is on a white boat, or more accurate floating barge, with dance floor, (cocktail)bar, and powerful audio installation. The white looks make an immediate summerlike atmosphere. During the night the boulevard next to Barka is also full with people chilling on the stairs – enjoying the summer evening from a distance. Barka also has a bar on shore – turning the area actually into one big chill/club/bar area on water and on land. During the day Barka serves really good fruit juices, good deep house music, food festivals (on shore) and ample access to sunshine – check it out by day as well!


Barka 2
Barka 4

Temat Rzeka 1Plazowa 1Temat Rzeka / Plażowa

Temat Rzeka is actually the only – and best – spot from our list that is on the other side of the river. There are two very big benefits of ‘Temat': Firstly it has a huge beach – where hundreds of people come to enjoy good music, sports (during the day) – and of course parties (during the night). The second benefit is that Temat looks out to the southwest – meaning unlimited sunshine! It is also the best place to have a bbq with friends or family – everybody’s doing it! The beach bar is rebuilt every summer, but next to Temat is ‘Plażowa’. This is a permanent club/bar with lots of great events as well. Finally, this area is the location of many city (sporting) events, and a perfect place to plan a break on your biking tour along the river (recommended!).

facebook (temat rzeka)
facebook (plazowa)
Temat Rzeka 3

Plazowa 3
Temat Rzeka 2Temat Rzeka 4




Wisła River Summer Hotspots
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