Wrzenie Swiata - coffeeJust behind the busy Nowy Świat, in a quiet, little dead-end street called Gałczyńskiego, you can find Wrzenie Świata. This nice and cozy café offers great drinks and small bites, but is actually a bookstore. Wherever you decide to take a seat, you will always end up next to a bookshelf. Unless it is summer of course, then the best place is outside on the terrace.

The Institute of Reporting and Wrzenie Świata

The bookstore Wrzenie Świata was founded in 2010 by the Institute of Reporting. The Institute of Reporting serves as a Polish Reporting School and a center of cultural documentation. The non-fiction bookstore, with café, is a cultural platform for events organized by the institute. The name Wrzenie Świata is based on a Polish phrase and difficult to translate literally. It means as much as ‘turmoil of the world’, or ‘good vibes of the world’. Which relates to writers reporting what is happening in the world.

The events organized at Wrzenie Świata consist of meetings with authors and photographers, film screenings, debates about the problems of the modern world and new book releases. There is always something going on. Don’t be surprised when one part of the store is transformed into a small studio, with spotlights and a camera, to film an interview with a famous Polish author.

Creativity and tasty tea

The character of the cozy bookstore and the cultural events taking place, create an open-minded and creative atmosphere. It is a great place to meet with friends, work on your laptop or read one of the non-fiction books on display, if you can read Polish of course. Some people come here to get Wrzenie Swiata - teainspired and to put their ideas on paper. Last time when I had coffee with a friend, we were sitting next to a guy with his pencil and ruler working on a sketch.

Not only the coffees are good, they serve delicious and original teas as well. The rosemary tea (herbata z rozmarynem) is one of my favorites, it is tea with fresh rosemary, lemon and honey, a tasty and refreshing combination. Or you can choose the raspberry tea (herbata z maliną) with fresh raspberries, lemon, orange and ginger, tastes like heaven!

I have not tried the food yet, but I will definitely come back for breakfast, lunch or tapas any time soon!

Wrzenie Świata
Gałczyńskiego 7, Warszawa
Open: Mon-Fri 9.00-22.00, Sat&Sun 10.00-22.00

Wrzenie Świata – an inspiring café
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